Where To Invest In 2016 To Earn The Money

Where To Invest In 2016 To Earn The Money

Investments is a modern and efficient way to earn money. Art making is constantly evolving and require new solutions. So let’s look at work and relevant options where to invest the money in 2016 to earn.

Under the influence of new technologies and trends, there are new opportunities for investment. Part of it is quite effective and viable. Others are the weakest link.

The problem of the successful investor is to choose the right direction and make as much as possible. At the same time, it is important to study all possible ways to reduce investment risks.Of course, this is quite a difficult task. But let’s solve it.

Where to invest in 2016 to earn the money

Of course, there are a number of cunning schemes that generate fabulous profits. But you and I will consider only the legitimate and more or less easy to implement. Thus, the top 10 effective opportunities for investment.

Bank deposits

total amount of deposits in the Savings Bank of US makes 8.209 trillion dollars. The bank offers rates up to 0.52%.
total amount of deposits in the Savings Bank of US makes 8.209 trillion dollars. The bank offers rates up to 0.52%.

Old “antiquated” way to save money. Save, but do not multiply. Plus a bank deposit – is reliability. Weakness – profitability.

The weighted average rate in the second half of 2015 amounted to only 0.26% (according to the Bank of United States). It is even less than  real the inflation.However, to save money – it is also a positive result.

To choose the best contribution recommend reading the tip sand information  the Agency about for Deposit Insurance. Also, keep in mind that the better the economic situation in the country – the lower the interest rates on deposits.

Investments in real estate

Another possibility, where to invest money to make money in 2016 – this property. People also need somewhere to live. A roof over your head – it’s one of the basic human needs.

Real Estate – one of the most reliable tools for investment. At the same time, it is desirable to calculate and take into account all aspects.With the right approach, real estate can bring 22-30% of the profit for the year. In some cases, you can earn more than 100%.

It is believed that the property requires a very large cash infusions. In fact, there is a very viable option for investment. I can say from experience: investment in real estate is affordable and profitable.

Asset management

It is about PAMM technology and Multi-Account-Management.This is another advanced solution that gives an answer to the question of where to invest the money in 2016. The idea is to choose an effective manager who is able to show stable yields without critical risk capital investors. To start investing, you should choose one (and preferably several) broker providing similar services. Then, at the site of the broker should review the existing control and choose the best of them.

What kind of return do you mean? Realistic figures are in the range of 50-150% per annum. All the above – beyond a reasonable risk. At the same time, the better diversified investment portfolio – the lower the risk of losses.

Before you make a choice, I recommend you to get acquainted  the independent with reviews of the largest brokers. You can also order an investment portfolio. For its readers,  give I service for this free.

Investments in precious metals

The high cost of gold generates thousands of expeditions each year. I still do not know about 80 percent of deposits of this metal.
The high cost of gold generates thousands of expeditions each year. I still do not know about 80 percent of deposits of this metal.

Precious metals have always been of value to people. So now, as before, we exist many ways to get rich on gold. And not only on gold.

Silver, platinum and palladium also can bring good returns for investors. For the moment, there are many ways: from the purchase of bullion to trading. This is advantageous, and this is just a trend.

To be in the black, read the special study  how to  invest in gold  silver. And I am sure that you will be not only interesting, but also useful.

Investments in oil

Oil – is black gold. But if you can live without gold, the oil people need almost as much as a roof over your head. From oil producing gasoline, diesel fuel and other useful products for transport and electricity generation.

Exporters easily fill their budgets when the price of oil is rising. And investors earn on the growth and the fall in prices. Modern technologies offer such opportunities.

You too can join the oil investors. Read an independent review on how to invest in oil. Yes, oil will come with us!

Investing in domain

names,this type of investment only sounds exotic. In fact, investment in Internet – domains (names of sites) has long been turned into a profitable business. The largest transaction for the sale of domain investors brought 360 million dollars!

You wondered? Then find out the details of the review on the cybersquatting and domeyninge.For this type of investment has a great future. And it has already begun.

Investments in high-yield investment program

highly profitable projects, high-yield investment program, or a simple “HYIPs” – this is the easiest and most profitable option where you can invest money. Such projects today are vast. But notable of them is very small.

As a rule, investors are invited to invest money in an innovative project or startup. At the same time, you should always analize quality and validity of each individual high-yield investment program.

I am not a supporter of investing in HYIPs. But I know that this way of investment-working and brings a lot of money. To understand what the project quality, and where frank crooks – see my independent review.

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